Here below are the rules of the Doggy Beach.
It does not want to be a series of limitations, but a simple guide in order that all users of the bathing establishment and their dogs can live together in the best way and enjoy a pleasant stay.


The rules given below are intended as a supplement to the city rules. Both are displayed at the notice board of the Doggy Beach.

1) It is allowed the access to dogs of any size or breed, even if identified by microchip or tattooed, and all dogs must be in compliance with vaccinations that must be demonstrated with the required veterinary certification (passport, health card or model 12).

2) Dogs can not go beyond the limits of the beach even if on a leash and each owner must bring the dog insurance with him.

3) It is not permitted the access to the beach to dogs of an aggressive nature regardless of breed or size.

4) It’s allowed the bathing of your dog without time limits as long as in possession of the basic sanitary certifications and only in the waters in front of the bathing establishment. It is also recommended to the owners, for the benefits of the people and their animals, to submit them to periodic vaccination prophylaxis against the main infectious diseases (distemper, leptospirosis and parvovirus), prophylaxis against the main parasitic diseases and not to bring dogs with cardiovascular diseases on the beach.

5) In the Doggy Beach, dogs must be kept on a leash, at least 1.5 meters long.

6) Management has the unquestionable right to allow or deny access to some dogs, if they are considered inadequate to live together with others.

7) The owner or keeper must take care that its own dog can not reach the close people and dogs and it must also place a bowl of water easily accessible, providing also a continuous and adequate shade.

8) Each visitor with dog must arrive at the beach with the necessary bags to remove the excrements of their dogs. If he did not own them, he must go immediately to the staff and buy enough.

9)  It is required to collect the solid excrements of the dogs in any area of the City of Lignano Sabbiadoro and even more in the Doggy Beach. Excrements will be removed and deposited into the special waste container.
 While the urine should be rinsed with plenty of sea water.
 The violators will be immediately fined according to the regulations in force.

10)  Collect the excrement of the dog is required: if the staff is aware of a breach, it is required to release the offender from the beach.

11)  The owner should avoid prolonged barking and excessively lively behavior of his dog, otherwise it will be required to move away from the beach. This option is also reserved for supervisory staff and at their sole discretion.

12) It is forbidden to access the beach with dogs in heat. 

13) Every two hours the owner must carry the dog off the beach for a walk.

14) The management declines all responsibility for any aggressive behavior of the animals.

15) The manager of the bathing establishment establishes with beach umbrella to assign and has the right to make any move should be considered appropriate for the good provision of the service.

16) Each beach umbrella can not be occupied by more than 3 people and 2 dogs.

17)  Dogs should never be left unattended and free to roam; liability (civil and criminal) for damages caused by the animal is of the owner. Our staff will monitor compliance with the rules.

18) Regardless of the size, the dog must be kept on a leash facing the sea, while in the water it can be kept without, once exited it must immediately be kept leashed to the umbrella.

19) It is not allows to run or play with balls and /or rackets in the middle of the area and on the shoreline to to avoid disturbing and shaking dogs.

20)  In the event of a breach of this Regulation, the offender must leave the bathing establishment. Moreover, in the case of non-compliance with rules required by law (for example, lack of microchip, non-compliance with the obligations for dangerous dogs, etc.), the Direction reserves the right to contact the competent administrative and health authorities (Local Police and Local Health Units).


The Doggy Beach and the offered services respect the following timetable: 9.00 – 19.00.

1) It is required to make a diligent use of equipment rented and not to damage them.

2) It is possible to add some sunbeds to your beach umbrellawith an additional payment of 7,00 € per day.

3) It is not allowed to run and/or to play with balls and/or rackets in the area and on the seashore to avoid disturbing and shaking dogs.

4) The return of rented equipment must be made before closing time.

5) Any damage caused to equipment owned by the Doggy Beach and third parties will be adequately compensated by those who caused it.

6) The equipment should remain where it was placed at the beginning and does not invade common areas.

7) In case of problems of cohabitations between dogs, the relocation of a guest within the rows of beach umbrellas is possible only with the consent of all persons concerned. In exceptional cases the management will intervene and in any case every change must be communicated to a member of staff.

8) Being a private beach, it is  not possible use and installation of any awnings or own deck chairs in the area and in the front of the seashore to have free access to the dogs in the sea.

9) The area SPA Jacuzzi is reserved for adults only. We remind also that the responsability is personal and any damage to material or people is responsability of the user.

10) The use of fitness equipment is personal responsability and any damage to things or people is the responsibility of the user.